9th edition’s programme

This year, we invite you to the “Garden”, which will satisfy all your senses. Over twenty artists from Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Japan will take us on a walk in the gardens of art and imagination. The walk will be a meeting of various artistic worlds and sensibilities, surrounded by the sounds of the Bug river we will immerse in what is close, unique and timeless. Art and garden – this combination is obvious, both of them serve to delight, but also reflect.
A long time ago, in ancient Greece, Epicurus bought a garden near Athens. There, his students went through mental exercises, he taught looking for antidotes for fear of gods, pain or death. We will sneak into the nooks and crannies of the epicurean garden thanks to Marcin Fabiański, a doctor of philosophy, but also a teacher of meditation in motion.
Domination or loving care? How does our relationship with the environment, the world looks like, what it is and what should it be like? The question, which bothers also the invited artists, resounds louder and louder, it can not be ignored. We recommend, therefore, the screening of the film “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch”, which can become an inspiration for discussion.
The multi-culture nature of the Borderlands is an incentive to look at the values which we have developed together, at things we have in common. Paweł Szamburski will take us into the musical polyphony of different cultures and religions. It will be a close, even intimate meeting with different liturgies that resonate in harmony. Thanks to Kroke, we will be transferred to an inaccessible world, filled with ethnic music in their own original interpretations. From there, it is already close to the underworld, the meditative ones, immersed in a sound trance, as Mikrolelementy prepare a balm for the soul.
To find something for the body, Karol Okrasa prepared workshops for you. “Gardens of Podlasie” is a return to the local tradition, which will leave a souvenir on the palates and hearts for a long time. In the simple, organic and tasty cuisine from Podlasie there are visible influences of wealth which were brought by the Belarussian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Jewish cultures.
We encourage you to try them in different dimensions.

Karin van der Molen (NL), Pat von Boeckel (NL), Daisaku Ueno (J), Ikezawa Takashi (J), Tomasz Domański, Irena Nawrot, Przemek Branas, Magdalena Kleszyńska, Zuzanna Sadowa, Tomasz Górnicki, Jarosław Koziara, Ewa Dąbrowska, Jan Sajdak, Maciej Połynko, Małgorzata Wasilek, Bettina Bereś, Bożena i Waldemar Komorowscy, Jan Borowiec with team, Anna Tyczyńska.


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