8th Land Art Festival – Holy Day – competition


From the very beginning celebrating holy days has been featured in human life. Being special days, events or spiritual state they made life meaningful, individually or socially. A holy day is much more than one of many days in a calendar. Celebration is natural human for people. We should look closer how our ancestors celebrated more »

Land Art Festiwal 2017 – Road – competition


Looking from above, as if it was a map, at the welcoming area where Landart Festival takes place,  that is the Bug river area we will notice gentle river curves, fields, woods, houses here and there and – roads… There are many roads and we notice even more of them when we look from the more »

6 Land Art Festiwal press conferences


We invite you to 6 Land Art Festiwal press conferences : 29.06, 12.00 Centrum Spotkania Kultur w Lublinie, Sala Kameralna 30.06, 13.00 Biała Podlaska, Muzeum Południowego Podlasia 9.07, 13.00 press conference organized in connection with the official opening of the Zamek Biskupi in Janów Podlaski.