Land Art Festiwal 2019 – Garden – competition

Let us remember about gardens.

‘If you have a garden in your library we will want for nothing”, wrote Cicero. Every epoch had its own garden, just like it had its art. However, gardens have never ended up in the museums as isolating it from its users is simply impossible. A garden lives its life parallel to its visitors. Who can imagine Eden behind a glass vitrine?
Whether it is controlled, wild, romantic, monumental, miniature, minimalistic, modernist, it always expresses man’s attitude towards space and nature in his closest surroundings, finally his taste or function attributed to it. For Land Art Festival it will be a metaphor for a relationship with nature, balance between the abundant, untethered, immortal and human activity. We approach landscape surrounding us as a garden that we are to look after because it is extraordinary, fascinating and mysterious. We discover the mosaic of colours, scents, sounds, atmosphere and light.
Each time people enter a garden they establish a certain relationship with it and becoming more than observers. They do not consume, but appreciate it. Thinking about our environment as a garden in which a continuous partnership dialogue with nature takes place seems particularly required in our times when nature gets eliminated from public space, being considered “wasteland” or just “green area” at the most. We suggest looking at a garden as a site of shared cultural, spiritual and aesthetic values since they have guided us for centuries.
“Garden” completes a triptych composed from concepts-keys which help form the framework of our approach to nature, art, man and surrounding world. Following “Road” and “Holy Day” we invite you to “Garden” where art as nature and nature as art become one.

* Jonasz Kofta sang:
„Let us remember about gardens –
as we all came from there
Only trees, only leaves can offer
shade in the heat of an era

Sylwia Hejno

Organizers invite to participation in a competition. Detailes can be found here.