Bettina Bereś

Bettina Bereś (born 1958) “I was brought up at the kitchen table painted in orange and black stripes about 3 cm wide, where a never ending discussion about art, avant-garde and the highest values was taking place. I did not become a historian or art critic, but I co-created two galleries: Zderzak and Otwarta Pracownia. I am an artist, a painter, an embroider. I cook, clean, do gardening, I raised two children, I take care of a great number of dogs.
I’ve made many individual exhibitions. One of the first was titled “Images in the Time of Cholera”, and the last “My mother was born in Poznań”.
In 2015, I founded Wypożyczalnia Obrazów, which aims to popularize hanging images on the walls without involving financial resources. ”
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