Katarzyna Krzykawska

Born in 1973. Her work includes sculpture, installation and graphics. She graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts in 2000, and at the Art Institute in 1998. Currently she works as a lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts in Kielce. Motives of “naturak” juxtaposed artificial appear in her works; clash of the idea of romantic, Polish landscape with kitsch of mass production’s objects, grown out of our ideas on this idea. Her recent works related to mental games with tradition and national identity. She presented her works at individual exhibitions in, among other, Gallery “Alles wird schoen”, Hamburg, Gallery XS, Kielce, XX1 Gallery, Warsaw and numerous group exhibitions. She participated in many symposia and artistic plein airs: Arboretum Bolestraszyce, Polish Sculpture Center in Orońsko.