Mariusz Tarkawian

MARIUSZ TARKAWIAN (PL), born 1983 – drawing artist, born in Łuków, graduated from the MCSU Institute of Fine Arts, with the diploma in drawing under Associate Professor Jan Gryka at the Intermedia and Drawing Institute. He is a total observer of the art world, which he documents through redrawing and predicts taking the role of a futurologist. Starting from the exhibition “Nova Biała” (2005) at the Biała Gallery he acts as a chronicler, not just of the gallery, but of many other places, people, expressions of the moment and artistic facts. The artist does not part with his pencil, observes, instantly and accurately comments, registers a fleeting moment by drawing in different situations, providing short, often ironic and witty, texts. This was he creates a record and his own reflection on art and daily events. He is also fascinated by the world of nature with its unbridled fauna and flora. He is constantly creating drawing series, including monumental works on walls. Occasionally he makes electronic music. He lives and works in Warsaw.