Mikroelementy is a nine-member orchestra set up to heal through sound. The band creates a musical organism based on a meditative trance, which is a common denominator for musicians who come from different sound worlds. Among the artists who inspire Mikroelementy are John Coltrane, Fela Kuti or Don Cherry, and their music is often reinterpreted by the group. The line-up of the band is a unique collage of personalities: Jerzy “Słoma” Słomiński and double-bassist Karol “Kolor” Gadzało, Maciek Połynko, Łukasz Prokop, Łukasz Gładysz, Lidia Szpulka,Tadeusz Cieślak, Marcin “Kabat” Kowalczuk and Piotr “Maupa” Gołębiewski.