Paweł Totoro Adamiec

(born 1982) – photographer, makeup artist, designer. A graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Catholic University of Lublin, a lecturer at CUL, Lublin School of Photography and SPPSS Lublin. Co-founder of Audiovisual Culture Foundation and member of Multimedia Agency He began his adventure with creative photography in 2009. For the purpose of photo shoots he creates costumes, make-up, hairstyles and set design. In his work he shows strongly theatrical and distorted reality together with peculiar characters set against such reality. Nature, fairytales, music and fashion world are his inspirations. Author of the cover of the first Polish fashion encyclopedia Fashion Book Poland. He published in numerous magazines, such as Get-Inspired, E-Merge, Eclectic, Camerapixo, En-Vie, Invited Magazine, Kismet, Botchii. Winner or awards and honours: Żurawie 2011, Blog Vogue Italia 2012.