Alicja Łukasiak

Alicja Łukasiak (born 1975) – artist, born in Radom. A graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the MCSU in Lublin. From 2003,s he co-creates together with Grzegorz Drozd the project “Zmiana Organizacji Ruchu” (ZOR). She is interested in nature, in which she analyses man as a dominant species. On the one hand, she portrays man’s destructive impact on the environment, on the other hand she tries to show the beauty and diversity of life, which is a mysterious phenomenon for her, and the artistic creation is a form of emotional story. In her works, fauna and flora are personified, thanks to which insects and plants are subject to laws imposed by the superior form of existence – man. She works using clay or water paints, experiments with traditional techniques. She pays attention to the strength of colour and its meaning. Art is for her an ethical act, in which it is art that plays the main role, not the society.