Ewa Dąbrowska

A fifth-year student of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the studio of Professor Antoni Janusz Pastwa. An important element of her life is music, which she develop in parallel to sculpture. The important place for her activities is Sztuka Ziemi, which prompts to reflect on the condition of the Earth and our actions towards it. The artist cooperates with the Association for the Renewal of the Village “Odnowica”. She took part in exhibitions and events such as an exhibition of metal sculpture – 4th conference “Molding and core materials”, Iława, 2001; competition exhibition at Biennale of Small Sculpture Forms, Poznań, 2015; group exhibition “Obsesja”, Stara Prochownia, Warsaw, 2015; National Plenary of Academic Cooperation “Revitalization / secondary in times of overproduction”, Orońsko. 2015-2016; music performance at the opening of the exhibition “Full immersion” Gallery Fundacja Sztuczna, Warsaw, 2016