Mirosław Maszlanko

(born 1963) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – diploma at the Faculty of Painting under the supervision of prof. Stefan Gierowski; annex from Sculpture under Adam Myjak. His first exhibition took place in 1991 at “Biała” Gallery in Lublin. He took part in numerous collective exhibitions and presented his works on individual exhibitions in: Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, “Zderzak” Gallery in Cracow, “Arsenal” Gallery in Białystok, Centre for Contemporary Art in Kiev, Institute of Polish Culture in Budapest). He lives in a village of Jatne, close to Warsaw.
In his works the artists uses natural materials – cane, straw, wax (previously stone, leather cords, hemp). Ephemeral, almost poetic and yet modern artistic installations, closely related to the site they are located at, are created from these materials.