Alicja Łukasiak

Alicja Łukasiak (born 1975) – artist, born in Radom. A graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the MCSU in Lublin. From 2003,s he co-creates together with Grzegorz Drozd the project “Zmiana Organizacji Ruchu” (ZOR). She is interested in nature, in which she analyses man as a dominant species. On the one hand, she portrays more »

Andrzej Świetlik

Andrzej Świetlik (born 1951) – artist, photographer, born in Złotów. Co-founder of the artistic group Łódź Kaliska, where he works continuously until today. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Lecturer in photography at the Warsaw School of Information Technology at the Graphics Faculty. Author of portraits of prominent people of the more »

Bettina Bereś

Bettina Bereś (born 1958) “I was brought up at the kitchen table painted in orange and black stripes about 3 cm wide, where a never ending discussion about art, avant-garde and the highest values was taking place. I did not become a historian or art critic, but I co-created two galleries: Zderzak and Otwarta Pracownia. more »

François Monnet

François Monnet (born 1951) – a nomadic artist, born in a small village in the Central Massif, in the old volcanic mountains. He works mainly in the field of theatre and visual arts. As a young man, he travelled a lot, including to Norway, Poland, Faroe Islands, Greece, Turkey, Mongolia, as well as many other more »

Grzegorz Drozd

Grzegorz Drozd (born 1970) – actions and installations artist, painter, photographer. In the years 1992-1995 he studied at the Faculty of Arts at MCSU in Lublin. He graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2007. Since 2003, he co-creates together with Alicja Łukasiak more »

Jarosław Koziara

Jarosław Koziara (born 1968) – performer, visual artist, his practise covers many areas of visual art. He created numerous theatre stage designs (i.a. for Teatr Wielki in Warsaw, Andersen Theatre in Lublin) as well as performances and outdoor and TV events (such as the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). Author of happenings and performances in more »

Jarosław Tomasz Kłos

Jarosław Tomasz Kłos – artist, poet, graphic artist, photographer, musician, journalist, publisher, traveller, and social worker. He has lived in the French Alps for thirty years. For over twenty years he worked in the daily newspaper “Dauphine Libere”. For eight years, artistic director of the private gallery of contemporary art “Bateau-Lavoir” in Grenoble. Founder and more »

Karolina Porada

Karolina Porada – landscape architect, teaching and didactic assistant at the Institute of Landscape Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology. A graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Cracow. She conducts research on the subject of links between landscape architecture and fine arts. She focuses mainly on the use of earth more »

Katarzyna Sienkiewicz

Katarzyna Sienkiewicz (born 1991) – Belarusian poet and visual artist, born and living in Poland. Author of volumes of poetry: “Dačka ružy” (2011) and “Harbata z niezabudak” (2014). A graduate of the Art High School in Supraśl, specializing in artistic textiles, as well as painting at the Faculty of Arts of the MCSU in Lublin. more »

Katsuhiko Azuma

Katsuhiko Azuma (born 1953) – artist, sculptor. He is interested in the aspect of the symbiosis of nature with man in different perspectives: the destiny of the human mind, the earth and nature to which man returns, and the strength, mortality and impermanence of soil, wood, string. He had numerous individual exhibitions and took part more »

Kostiantyn Zorkin

Kostiantyn Zorkin (born 1985) – born in Kharkiv, performer, artist working in the field of installation, puppet theatre, graphic design and stage design. He graduated from the State Academy of Culture in Kharkiv, the Knowledge of Culture Department. The creator of several puppet theatre performances. He teaches theory and philosophy of visual art. His main more »

Leszek Mądzik

Leszek Mądzik (born 1945) – stage designer and theatre director, painter, photographer, born in Bartoszowiny in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. He studied at the Institute of Art History at the Catholic University of Lublin, he obtained his master’s degree at the Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Białystok. In 1969, he founded the Visual Stage of the Catholic more »

Marcin Berdyszak

Marcin Berdyszak (born 1964) – artist born in Poznań. Diploma in painting in the studio of prof. Włodzimierz Dudkowiak and sculpture in the studio of prof. Maciej Szańkowski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in 1988. From 1989, he is associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and now the University more »

Marco Nones

Marco Nones (born 1966) – artist born in Rheinfelden in Switzerland. A graduate of the Art Institute in Pozza di Fassa. He lives and works in Val di Fiemme in the Dolomites. His artistic work is inspired by biographical and spiritual intimacy with the Fiemme forests and their majestic scenery. Participant of many special exhibitions, more »

Mirosław Maszlanko

Mirosław Maszlanko (born 1963) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – diploma at the Faculty of Painting under the supervision of prof. Stefan Gierowski; annex from Sculpture under Adam Myjak. His first exhibition took place in 1991 at Biała Gallery in Lublin. He took part in numerous collective exhibitions and presented his more »

Paweł Korbus

Paweł Korbus – visual artist, performer, creator of video and installations, actor. He combines techniques of work with the body, voice and techniques from the field of visual arts. He is nterested in corporeality and body which are subjected to cultural influences, experiences and emotions, mental sphere in uncertainty, suspension among conflicting needs and submission more »

Piotr C. Kowalski

Piotr C. Kowalski – painter with many years of experience and considerable achievements. Author oil paintings and more. For years, he also been creating paintings in other techniques. He is open to surprising experiments, breaking the existing canons and our habits, giving up the sanctified tradition in painting of the artist’s gesture. He allows OTHERS more »

Roy Talmon and Noa Biran

Talmon Biran architecture studio – established in 2007 in Israel by Roy Talmon and Noa Biran who are both graduates of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. The studio has experience in working with different customers, on a variety of typologies and scales, from more »

Shotaro Yoshino

Shotaro Yoshino – artist born in Tokyo. A graduate of Sculpture Major at Tokyo Zokei University. He works as an assistant at the Saitama University of Education. He exhibited his works in galleries, museums and alternative art spaces. His work reveals the invisible memories of a given place, by literally drawing out a fragment of more »

Stanisław Brach

Stanisław Brach (born 1972) – artist, born in Gorlice. He deals with sculpture, artistic ceramics, drawing and painting. Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since 2010, he has been heading the Ceramics Studio at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. A graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture more »

Little Land Art – workshops for children

Little Land Art July 7th – 14th, 2018

Workshops for children accompanying the Land Art 2018 / FESTIVITY

Location: Daily room in Bubel Granna from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm Age of participants: from 5 to 15 years

“Little Land Art” is a continuation of the educational programme for children and young people, started during the Land Art 2017 more »

Marek Dyjak

Marek Dyjak – Polish composer and singer, laureate of the Student Song Festival in CraCow, winner of the Artistic Festival of Academic Youth in Świnoujście. He composes music for films and theatre performances. He calls himself a bar player. For fans, he is the Polish Tom Waits. “The most true voice on the Polish music more »

Z lasu

Z lasu – a vocal group that sings traditional songs from the Polesie region – from Ukraine and Belarus. It is made up of people with many years of experience in practicing traditional music, singing together since 2008. They travel to Polesie in search of old songs, meetings with people and traces of archaic culture. more »


KAIROS – the only Polish Male Vocal Ensemble, which in its repertoire at the same time presents beautiful orthodox church chants and fragments of the Armenian, Georgian and Greek liturgies. The group was a guest of many festivals and competitions, took part in recordings of soundtracks for “The Witcher” and “Quo vadis” films. KAIROS performed more »