The artist created her installation of colorful, decorated poles in a place where large, cut down trees rest. The gloomy graveyard of dead trunks contrasted with the vital green meadow. AnnaField completed this landscape, giving it an additional, vertical dimension. The space was saturated with a riot of colors and movement of ribbons blown by more »

Apron / On the countryside

Near the river Pat van Boeckel built a grotto from wooden boxes used for fruit and vegetables. He placed a female figure wearing an apron inside. Her face was carved using the thin pieces of wood the boxes were constructed from. The figure in the massive hut resembled Madonna in the grotto. The accumulated objects piled more »

Border tea room

The artist built a hut from thin bamboo shoots and clay. He placed it next to the river. When I saw this place, I felt something special because in Japan the border is only marked by the sea and is invisible, he said, I imagined Eurasia, Asia, and Japan behind this river. The artist created more »

Burning Tree

A tree with leafless branches lives in isolation on a small island surrounded by the river. Koziara covered its branches with textile flames which shine at night using renewable energy. It looks as if the tree was burning. I introduce the elements of scenography and set design into nature. In a way I dramatize it. I’m more »


Eden to biblijny raj stworzony przez Boga dla pierwszych ludzi, po hebrajsku oznacza ogród rozkoszy. Zrywając owoce z drzewa poznania dobra i zła Adam i Ewa przypieczętowali swój los. Od tej pory nie mieli wstępu do ogrodu. Nadal jednak jest on naznaczony obecnością człowieka, jego ciała i tego, co po nim zostaje. Ogród Ireny Nawrot wypełniają more »

Garden of Memories

The artist marked a path that led across the meadows from Stare Buczyce towards the river. There are six stops, each consisting of a delicately ornamented wooden bench and a sign. On each of them there is one sentence referring to the aural history and memories of the people living in a nearby village. Bettina more »

Just for fun

Tomasz Górnicki is a guerilla sculptor operating in big cities. His actions can be described as socially engaged art. He places laboriously carved figures in various places in public space in order to communicate his protest against hatred, ignorance, and lacklustre devotion. His intervention took place in the vicinity of the Bishop’s Castle. He placed a more »

Lampyris Cyberis # 13

Lampyris Cyberis is a glow-worm that lives in the area of the Bug River. Meadows and water are its natural habitat. Lampyris Cyberis #13 was created by two artists who realize audiovisual and interactive installations as well as stage designs. They are fascinated by worm-shaped organisms, which constitute an aesthetic starting point for further transformations. The more »


Film in preparation.

director – Jan Borowiec director of photography – Tomasz Głowacki sound – Cezary Kocyłowski

Not in my backyard

The artist arranged her installation from tree trunks covered with carpets. Her work concerns the changes that human beings make in the natural ecosystem. She is interested in how architectural forms permeate the landscape: water pipes emerging from the earth, transboundary gas pipelines and various forms of industrial landscape coexist with the elements of urban architecture more »

Play Garden

My garden is Earth. It is this territory. Shaped by the strength of water, the current of the old Bug River that once was there. Formed a long time ago and still being formed. Alive. It is a Body. It is a vessel, a cradle for air, light and space. It has its concavities and convexities. Little hills and little holes. more »

The Trace

These two artists created a work using their own technique of twisting sculptures made of natural materials found in the woods. Woven from sticks, two figures were placed on the meadow facing each other. One of them embodies vibrating energy, momentum and dynamics, leaving behind a shadow of lush greenery. It is a patron of life more »

Treadmill of meditation

Treadmill of Meditation is an installation that you have to run yourself. The rotating mechanism of an old agricultural machine, using a gear from vertical to horizontal, makes it possible to rake the ground into symmetrical furrows resembling the wavy patterns of a dry Zen garden. From a drone’s perspective, the drawing looks like a more »

Untitled. Olfactory installation

This installation consists of fragrances and of over a dozen elements found around the palace. Stone and concrete forms enter into relationships with each other and create some material structure. The unique fragrance composed of over thirty natural and synthetic substances was sprayed onto them. The inspiration for creating this fragrance were plants growing in more »


An old wooden wardrobe was placed in an imaginary room in the meadow stretching around the Bishop’s Palace. It contained handmade “clothes” and “footwear” woven from linen and grass. Its casket arrangement inverts the concept of what is internal and external. Inside, the wardrobe turns out to be a white cube – white, sterile space inside more »