The artist created her installation of colorful, decorated poles in a place where large, cut down trees rest. The gloomy graveyard of dead trunks contrasted with the vital green meadow. AnnaField completed this landscape, giving it an additional, vertical dimension. The space was saturated with a riot of colors and movement of ribbons blown by the wind. The artist referred to the primeval cult of nature, associated with the celebration of holy trees and olive groves. The old beliefs were absorbed by Christianity and folk tradition. The holy poles (Hebrew, Asherah) used to be placed in the middle of villages as a phallic symbol of prosperity. To this day, wooden May poles carved from maple, birch, and hawthorn are an integral part of spring rituals. They are decorated with banners, ribbons, and flower garlands. They symbolize the navel of the world, axis mundi, the axis that enables traveling between the worlds. In the Podlasie region, you can find many shrines full of flowers and ribbons, inviting you to contemplation. AnnaField is the artist’s tribute to trees, her expression of the original need to communicate with nature, and an attempt to show continuity, the subconscious symbiosis of humanity and the surrounding world.

Marta Ryczkowska, text from the catalogue